Best Stock Market Book for Beginners

The best entry into the stock market for any beginner is through day trading. So, it stands to reason that a very good strategy for getting started is finding the best stock market book for beginners. Finding the best of anything is always a difficult, but with solid criteria for selection it can be done. In fact, we’ve found the best stock market book for beginners, including penny stocks, and we’ve used perhaps the two most important fundamentals: 1) The best stock market book for beginners is hugely popular among the people who actually use it, and 2) It’s written by someone who knows what he’s talking about with the added bonus of also being a Ph.D.!

We won’t waffle anymore; here’s the book we believe is the best stock market book for beginners.

The Best Stock Market Book For Beginners –  How to Day Trade for a Living: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Tools and Tactics, Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology

how to trade for a living

That’s one big title for the best stock market book for beginners but it is worth every letter stuffed into it. How to Trade for a Living is a number one bestseller and has been positively reviewed by an army of people. So what makes it so popular?

The book was written by Andrew Aziz, a seasoned day trader with huge credentials. Ph.D. qualified, Aziz has created what is arguably the only go-to book for any beginner looking to get to grips with the stock market.

Its core audience is of course day trading; and when one considers how difficult it is for beginners to become successful like high-profile value investors (think Warren Buffet), it’s not hard to see why How to Trade for a Living Has resonated with so many people.

The book itself deals with all the fundamentals of day trading. It provides important definitive advice, as well as unique perspectives and strategies for tackling some of the biggest problems in day trading. Indeed as a best stock market book for beginners, How to Day Trade for a Living hits the proverbial nail on the head in a very meaningful way.

How To Day Trade for a Living is also an honest book. No sugarcoating of the facts is present; in fact, the author explicitly tells you that the aim of the book is not to turn you into a multi-billionaire overnight. He, like anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that that isn’t possible. Becoming profitable in day trading, like profitability in anything, takes time. The author makes this very clear and it’s a breath of fresh air in an age of hype.

best stock market book for beginners

As a best stock market book for beginners How to Day Trade for a Living also gets very granular. The detail and great pains taken in bringing beginners close to the guts of day trading is really admirable. We’ve looked a few books in the space in the past and few have gone into such things as Bull Flag Momentum Trading and Top Reversal Trading.  Aziz also does a good job Moving Average Trend Trading as well as Support and Resistance Trading – both are essential to scaling a trading operation and the book does an excellent job of explaining them.

We scoured the top ten lists and did some fair amount of digging before selecting How to Day Trade for a Living as our top pick. In the end it was the only book that ticked all the important boxes we believe necessary to be truly useful to a beginner. You can’t go far wrong by reading it. In fact, you could end up creating more trouble than you need by ignoring this important best stock market book for beginners. Go get it. Read it.

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