• You Can Be A Stock Market Genius

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    Let’s get one thing out the way straight away: you can be a stock market genius! It’s really not as difficult as many people thing; in fact, if you follow the strategy we outline below, you have a good chance of making it in the ranks of stock market geniuses. The strategy that can make you can be a stock market genius possible has one simple yet powerful principle at its core. Let’s get into it now. You Can Be Stock Market Genius The first thing that you’ll need to do to become a stock market genius is seek out the best and copy them. Copying people is sometimes called modeling and it works better than anything else out there. It was modeling that allowed Kobe Bryant to emulate the … Continue reading “You Can Be A Stock Market Genius”

  • Best Stock Market Book for Beginners

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    The best entry into the stock market for any beginner is through day trading. So, it stands to reason that a very good strategy for getting started is finding the best stock market book for beginners. Finding the best of anything is always a difficult, but with solid criteria for selection it can be done. In fact, we’ve found the best stock market book for beginners, including penny stocks, and we’ve used perhaps the two most important fundamentals: 1) The best stock market book for beginners is hugely popular among the people who actually use it, and 2) It’s written by someone who knows what he’s talking about with the added bonus of also being a Ph.D.! We won’t waffle anymore; here’s the book we believe is the best stock … Continue reading “Best Stock Market Book for Beginners”

  • Are You Reading The Best Stock Market Books?

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    Beating the stock market isn’t easy; and it is doubly hard trying to beat the markets without having the right foundation of knowledge. The best traders and investors get that foundation from reading the best stock market books. But what is “best?” And by whose standard can one judge the best stock market books? While we don’t pretend to be infallible on the issue of the best stock market books, we’ve spent a good deal of time over the years reading, sifting, sorting and ranking. With that said we’d like to present three of the best stock market books that we believe can help traders and investors succeed. They range in age, but we believe that first principles and understanding them, is fundamental to any sort of trading and investing … Continue reading “Are You Reading The Best Stock Market Books?”

  • Water Penny Stocks – Should You Be Paying Attention To Them This Year?

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    If you are unfamiliar, or perhaps uninterested in water penny stocks, you might think that they are not a big deal in the trading landscape. Forgive us for the admonition, but you’d be wrong. Water penny stocks, far from being some quaint trading sector, is now one of the hottest, attracting more and more traders as more and more companies pour into the space. A quick Google search yields suggestions which suggest that day traders search for water penny stocks perennially. The searches go as far back as 2013 when traders searched for water penny stocks 2013. Why the strong and consistent interest? Water Penny Stocks – Industry Attractiveness Water penny stocks are hot in 2017 for one simple reason. Millions of people around the world are now fully sold … Continue reading “Water Penny Stocks – Should You Be Paying Attention To Them This Year?”

  • Connor Penny Stocks: Should You Try It?

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    Do a search for Connor penny stocks and you’ll find an extensive listing of websites all covering the very smart young man called Connor Bruggemann. The finance and investment mainstream seem enthralled with Conner, giving him extensive coverage on various online news websites such as the Huffington Post.  One can see why traders are searching for Connor Penny Stocks, of course; this is a kid who after all, turned a reported $10K investment into a $330K payday. We did the mathematics and that’s a 3200% return! But anyway, how did this little kid from Jersey end up making so much dosh, and eventually ending up with his own Wikipedia Entry? Let’s explore… Connor Penny Stocks – The Humble Beginnings According to legend, Connor got a job at his local eatery … Continue reading “Connor Penny Stocks: Should You Try It?”

  • Robinhood Penny Stocks: What You Need To Know

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    The rise of the internet has created a plethora of technologies that transform the way we most things in the 21st century, including of course, the way we trade stocks. Gone are the days when you had to dial in an order to a market maker on some trading floor; today it can all be done online, and one of the biggest platforms out there right now is Robinhood. Many traders have warmed up to the platform and so many are doing their research into Robinhood penny stocks. This brings two issues into the equation. The first is the practical way in which Robinhood penny stocks work and second, the alternatives to Robinhood in light of these practicalities. Robinhood Penny Stocks – How The Platform Works Robinhood penny stocks is … Continue reading “Robinhood Penny Stocks: What You Need To Know”

  • Motley Fool Penny Stocks – Are They Worth It?

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    Motley fool penny stocks certainly get a lot of attention from day traders who make their living from penny stocks; but are they worth your time and attention? More to the point, what can motley fool penny stocks give you that another penny stock researcher can’t give you? Our answer will surprise you so let’s move right into the question on motley fool penny stocks. Motley Fool Penny Stocks – What Is Their Claim To Fame Anyway? To a day trader just getting their feet wet, an encounter with the Motley Fool can sometimes be awe inspiring. The company is after all right up there with the big names on Wall Street. A quick search and Google returns the following complementary searches: The Street Inc., NASDAQ, Morningstar Inc., Seeking Alpha … Continue reading “Motley Fool Penny Stocks – Are They Worth It?”

  • How To Find Virtual Reality Penny Stocks

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    Virtual reality is super-hot in 2017 and so unsurprisingly, virtual reality penny stocks are heating up big time. But how do you spot the good ones? How do you select the best virtual reality penny stocks before they rally and make insane profits? Those are two of the biggest questions asked by most traders who wake up to the stark reality that virtual reality penny stocks are super-hot. We are not infallible, but we believe that our strategy for unearthing the best penny stocks across all industries and sector can be of tremendous value to traders. If you will, then, buckle in as we go on a little ride; the journey will lay in full view the reason behind virtual reality penny stocks and their meteoric rise in today’s trading … Continue reading “How To Find Virtual Reality Penny Stocks”

  • 2017: The Year of Drone Penny Stocks

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    Drone penny stocks have burst onto the trading and investing scene, prompting many day traders to search for the best drone penny stocks. The big question, which we’ll answer in this piece, is whether or not drone penny stocks will be the crowning achievement of penny stock day traders in 2017. Our answer is biased, but we believe once you examine what we have to say on the matter, that you’ll understand why drone penny stocks might be the hottest trading instruments in 2017 and beyond. Drone Penny Stocks – Why Drones All Of A Sudden? Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones as they are now evolved into common parlance, are the hottest technology properties around right now. Long since the preserve of the military, drones have exploded onto the consumer … Continue reading “2017: The Year of Drone Penny Stocks”

  • Is 2017 The Year Of Silver Penny Stocks?

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    Silver penny stocks have always had a mystique about them; for some reason traders have always held them up to be something akin to gold. The truth is you can’t really blame day traders who like penny stocks for placing some value on silver. This is because in the last 25 years silver penny stocks have actually done quite well when compared to other commodities. In fact, silver is considered like gold, to be a dependable vehicle for both short term and long term investments. But what does this all mean for penny stock day traders in 2017? Silver Penny Stocks – The Chart Looks Good Silver prices have been trending down historically for a while; that much you can see from the chart below. But what is obvious, too, … Continue reading “Is 2017 The Year Of Silver Penny Stocks?”


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