Connor Penny Stocks: Should You Try It?

Do a search for Connor penny stocks and you’ll find an extensive listing of websites all covering the very smart young man called Connor Bruggemann. The finance and investment mainstream seem enthralled with Conner, giving him extensive coverage on various online news websites such as the Huffington Post.  One can see why traders are searching for Connor Penny Stocks, of course; this is a kid who after all, turned a reported $10K investment into a $330K payday. We did the mathematics and that’s a 3200% return!

But anyway, how did this little kid from Jersey end up making so much dosh, and eventually ending up with his own Wikipedia Entry? Let’s explore…

connor penny stocks

Connor Penny Stocks – The Humble Beginnings

According to legend, Connor got a job at his local eatery when he was 14. He spent the next two years saving, eventually committing $10K to the monumental effort towards making money from penny stocks. Connor got some help from his dad, of course. It was his dad that provided the backing for his E-trade account and from there, Connor goes rogue. This is how tings unfolded from there…

Connor went behind his dad’s back and started trading penny stocks, a move which suggests that Connor and his dad had initially opened the account to trade blue chip stocks. This Connor is smart, we think; for he knew intuitively that $10K could get you nowhere trading traditional blue chip stocks. The most he would have been able to would be to pick up some struggling company that is barely keeping afloat on the NYSE or the NASDAQ. No, Connor was way smarter than that and by his account he made several large bets before things started to pick up for him.

connor penny stocks

Connor Penny Stocks – The iPhone Kid With Acne Defies the Odds?

Whilst most 16-year-olds were busy obsessing over zits, Connor got down to business trading penny stocks – while in class, on his iPhone! This was where the legend really got started because people were gob smocked at the daring, the ingenuity, the bold and almost fearless approach to day trading penny stocks. Connor penny stocks soon became a buzz phrase among day traders and many of the more established penny stock traders started to watch what Connor was doing. People like Timothy Sykes gave Connor some airtime and eventually his name became synonymous with the good life and smart kids who make it big from Jersey.

So what is Connor penny stock doing now? The search doesn’t yield a website where he promotes his methods are anything like that. The most we’ve been able to connor penny stocksfind his an account maintained at where Connor is listed as a “small account specialist.”

What does all this mean for a day trader searching for Connor Penny Stocks? Well, it means in no uncertain terms that such a day trader would be better off looking elsewhere for penny stock ideas. Connor penny stocks are probably out there, somewhere, but there are quicker means of finding great penny stocks without trying to figure out how the kid from Jersey did it.

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