Is 2017 The Year Of Silver Penny Stocks?

Silver penny stocks have always had a mystique about them; for some reason traders have always held them up to be something akin to gold. The truth is you can’t really blame day traders who like penny stocks for placing some value on silver. This is because in the last 25 years silver penny stocks have actually done quite well when compared to other commodities. In fact, silver is considered like gold, to be a dependable vehicle for both short term and long term investments. But what does this all mean for penny stock day traders in 2017?

Silver Penny Stocks – The Chart Looks Good

Silver prices have been trending down historically for a while; that much you can see from the chart below. But what is obvious, too, is that silver is making a move back up – at least in the short term. And since it’s the short term that day traders who are looking for silver penny stocks like to make their money, the growth in the chart is a welcome sight.

There’s something else that needs to be borne in mind as we look at the future of silver and silver penny stocks. That thing is gold. Analysts have always used gold as a focal point in plotting the future movement of silver. Put another way, as goes gold, so goes silver. That shouldn’t be too difficult to understand if you are a day trader looking for silver penny stocks because both are precious metals.

silver penny stocks


The consensus among precious metals analysts is that gold is currently trending below resistance and as such, silver should continue to look like a good option on a breakout. That opinion is consistent with what we see from the chart – silver seems to be trying to push above a certain ceiling. In any case, it’s a perfect environment for traders to make the best of the top silver penny stocks.

Silver Penny Stocks – How To Get The Best Stocks

We’ve already seen that silver is on the bubble so to speak – waiting for its big breakout. This breakout will no doubt reward silver penny stocks day traders that are alert to potential movement. But where do these day traders get their stock tips? Where do they get the best silver penny stocks?

silver penny stocks

There are two options. The first is the good old fashioned hard graft of searching for them manually. We are talking hours and hours of research, sifting through annual  reports, prospectuses and finance appraisals from the media. They don’t call it hard graft for nothing but for a good many day traders, this is where they’ll find the best silver penny stocks.

The second option, and the option we recommend, is allowing someone else to do all the hard graft and then benefiting indirectly. Stock with us and let’s explain what we mean. There are many day trading newsletters on the internet. Some are good; some not so good. Some are free; some are paid, and most are garbage. But every now and then a really good one comes along and is actually worth something. A really good penny stocks newsletter can deliver all the silver penny stocks a day trader needs to actually make big gains. You don’t have to search too hard for a credible silver penny stocks newsletter, either. You can start by signing up for them right here.

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