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Thanks for providing a great alert. I purchased 300 shares at 2.76 and sold at 3.88. It was a great day for me.
– Vahid

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Went From 26 Cents to $4.44 For Gains of 1,607%


Went From $1.94 to $16.5 For Gains of 751%


Went From 72 Cents to $8.49 For Gains of 1,079%


Went From 25 Cents to $2.38 For Gains of 852%

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What Our Readers Are Saying


Bought in at $3.25 and Sold at $3.90


A nice $20% gain. Keep up the good work!!



thank you for LIFE for i could only by a couple hundred shares but made 600 dollars on it and keep it coming



Did wonderfully on this trade and on most of your picks



well done!  In at 5.40 out at 5.80.  Very pleased.



I bought in at 5.59 Friday and sold at 7.31 Monday.



I’d like to thank you for  sharing your knowledge. I also appreciate the humility and honesty. Owning to one’s ‘oops’ is an indication of good moral and success.



Up 40% in about 30 minutes Monday morning on ARGS and sold.



was a huge winner for me. I bought it at .45 after the intial pop, sold it today for a 65% gain. I really appreciate how u take time to talk through the details of what u r thinking. Thank you!



in at .48 out at .70. used trailing stop.



Took a $0.2 profit or 40% on 2000 shares today.



Out at .66; Avg cost was .50. Turned out ok.



Great trade, I got back in at 1.40 and sold at 3.00..…



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