The Wolf Of Penny Stocks

When it comes to penny stock newsletters, few come as bold or as flashy as the wolf of penny stocks. The wolf himself isn’t afraid to tell you what his newsletter about; right upfront he asks, “Are you ready to attack the stock market?” But how good is the wolf of penny stocks? How does it match up with what else is out there, and can it really deliver the hottest penny stocks? We’ll answer these questions right now so you can make up your mind about the wolf of penny stocks.

The Wolf Of Penny Stocks

The Wolf Of Penny Stocks – The Pros

The wolf of penny stocks is first and foremost a well-oiled machine. You can see that from just visiting the main website. A brash site layout designed with striking colors is the first thing that hits you. Then you see a photo of what looks like the wolf The Wolf Of Penny Stockshimself; or is it? No one knows and that’s a part of the cool appeal and mystic. That’s just the surface though; underneath all that bravado is an actual newsletter and this we have to say, is one of the more impressive ones out there.

The wolf of penny stocks promises 100% free penny stock tips and there is also a trader education section which shows that the wolf of penny stocks actually cares.

But that’s not all. The wolf of penny stocks makes it very clear that the newsletter covers all sectors, including the very in-demand legal marijuana sector. Now, we’ll cover this some more in the other section, but we can say that based on what we saw in looking at the picks, the wolf of penny stocks has a pretty decent spread and coverage of the markets.

The wolf of penny stocks has a clearly delineated line of assessment in terms of what he looks for in a pick. According to the website 30% of assessment goes to chart technicals; 30% goes to product and technology; 20% goes to breaking news and 20% goes to the sector of the company. Those are pretty strong lines of distribution although we have a somewhat stronger take on distribution. We’ll cover that in the next section below.

The Wolf of Penny Stocks – The Cons

This section will be admittedly shorter than the pros section but we need to cover what we found to be lacing with the wolf of penny stocks. The first thing is the scope of the trader education. Although there is a pretty decent section of the site devoted to educating traders, we feel it is too static. Penny stocks and day trading are two The Wolf Of Penny Stocksvery dynamic things so we prefer a more dynamic and holistic setup for keeping penny stock day traders in the loop. For this purpose we always support real in-line education. Here’s an example. You sign up to a newsletter where you are given some static information about day trading, stop losses and order sizes – the average stuff most day traders get on the net. But instead of just that you get regular emails keeping you up to scratch with what is going on; you also get regular email reminders about trading best practices so you never get caught with your pants down. That’s the approach we feel better helps day traders when they trade penny stocks. In this regard we feel the wolf of penny stocks could have done better.

We also feel that the percentage allocation for the technicals portion in assessing picks could be bigger. We recommend at least 50% for technicals since it’s the technical setup that that weighs so heavily in effective trades.

Aside from these two points, (they are major points by the way) we believe the wolf of penny stocks is pretty solid.  Can you do better? Probably. There are a few newsletters out there that provide the added benefit of regular email updates which help you to execute better trades. You can take a look at one here.

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