Water Penny Stocks – Should You Be Paying Attention To Them This Year?

If you are unfamiliar, or perhaps uninterested in water penny stocks, you might think that they are not a big deal in the trading landscape. Forgive us for the admonition, but you’d be wrong. Water penny stocks, far from being some quaint trading sector, is now one of the hottest, attracting more and more traders as more and more companies pour into the space. A quick Google search yields suggestions which suggest that day traders search for water penny stocks perennially. The searches go as far back as 2013 when traders searched for water penny stocks 2013. Why the strong and consistent interest?

water penny stocks

Water Penny Stocks – Industry Attractiveness

Water penny stocks are hot in 2017 for one simple reason. Millions of people around the world are now fully sold on the idea of buying drinking water in a bottle. The drinking water culture has more or less exploded over the last 10 years, attracting some of the biggest traditional beverage companies into the space. Nestle for instance has made several moves to dominate the bottle water industry in places like Canada and stateside, giants like Coco Cola and Pepsi have both made a play in the bottle water industry.

Big corporations don’t chase small dollars and so the presence of companies like Nestle, Coco Cola and Pepsi, hint at a large pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That pot of gold is worth billions of dollars in actual fact. Data from Allied Market water penny stocksResearch (AMR) shows that the bottle water industry globally, was worth over $170B in 2015. That figure is expected to double over the next 6 years, reaching an estimated $319B. Obviously this is massive upside and growth potential so the big question is whether or not penny stocks will benefit from this potential explosion in industry revenue.

Based on the data and outlook, it looks like water penny stocks will enjoy a continuous influx of interest from Wall Street. This will naturally lead to strong trade opportunities for day traders who remain vigilant – and vigilance is the word.

Water Penny Stocks – Consolidation Could Spur Huge Upside

So far the bottled water industry has attracted big name players, but these players have largely moved to establish their own brands. There is every bit the possibility that mergers and acquisitions could start to play a more prominent role in the industry. The level of inorganic growth that’s starting to develop suggests that water penny stocks that are picked up early buy day traders could end up yielding significant upside.

water penny stocks

But how does a day trader make the best of this upside? The answer is simple: pay close attention to the newsletter picks of experienced traders that pay close attention to the best water penny stocks. That’s the easiest way to stay abreast of companies that are making bold moves in the industry and it saves you quite a bit research work. Of course not all newsletters deliver the best water penny stocks so it helps to sign up to one that has a good track record. You don’t have to go very far in your search either; this one is a solid option for day traders who want the best water penny stocks. Take a look now.

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